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Liberation Bracelet

Howlite, Labradorite, Snowflake Obsidian

100% Natural AAA Grade Gemstones

Beautifully Handmade

Intentionally Designed

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Howlite, Labradorite, & Snowflake Obsidian

Mantra: Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha

Inspiration for this mala:

According to Buddhist teachings, liberation from samsara (suffering) happens when one attains nirvana (enlightenment or awakened). The Buddha did not attain enlightenment without considerable effort; six years into his journey he became gravely ill, nearly succumbing to starvation when he realized what he was doing wasn't working. He sat down under a tree and began to meditate vowing not to get up until he discovered how to end all human suffering in the world. After forty-nine days of meditation, he understood the true nature of the human condition and how to end all pain and suffering. When the morning star appeared, he became an enlightened one, a Buddha. When the Buddha stood up, he turned and thanked the tree for providing shelter; that tree is now known as the Bodhi Tree.


Howlite is a unique stone believed to make a direct connection from the root chakra to the crown chakra, keeping you grounded while getting in touch with your spiritual nature. Labradorite is considered a deeply spiritual stone and is used for spiritual healing and protection against negative energy. Snowflake obsidian is used to dissolve trauma and fear while observing dark and uncomfortable sides of consciousness. The pattern on snowflake obsidian is believed to reveal patterns in our thoughts and behaviors.



Peace, Balance, Spirituality

Chakra: Crown & Root

A unique stone believed to open a portal on the opposite points of the ethereal body which connects the root chakra directly to the crown chakra. It is said to keep the user grounded while maintaining a strong connection to higher states of consciousness.



Protection, Spirituality, Intuition

Chakra: All

Considered an intensely spiritual and magical stone believed to awaken intuition, clairvoyance, and heighten communication with the spiritual realm. It is said to create an auric shield to protect one against negative energy and psychic attack. It is believed to heighten vision, awareness, and aid in spiritual healing.


Snowflake Obsidian

Grounding, Protection, Awareness

Chakra: Root & Third Eye

Believed to offer protection against fear to observe dark and uncomfortable sides of consciousness. The snowflake pattern is said to reveal self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and offer new ways of interacting with their internal and external world. restoring a deep-abiding sense of safety and reverence to bring one back to wholeness.


25 Beads:for mantra recitation

Stirling Silver Spacers:coated with rhodium to resist tarnishing

Durable Slip Knot: for secure wear

Hand-Knotted:for superior strength & beauty

Bead Diameter:6mm

Hangs: expands to 3.75”

Perfect Promise Guarantee

If you don’t feel the love and energy in your order, return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. We might ask for feedback to help better serve you in the future, but you will never be hassled about your refund.


Handmade With Love & Compassion


Yes! Like each of us, we will have flaws and never find another like us, your mala is the same…. and that’s a good thing. Our mala beads are natural and will have slight size and color variations from bead to bead, this is normal and adds character to each and every mala.We only use ethically sourced high-quality natural, never dyed, or treated semi-precious gemstones in our malas. Many of the less expensive malas you will find are using dyed or treated lower-quality beads in their malas to save on costs and make the gemstones look identical in shape and color. These may look better initially due to consistent bead color but over time the dyes and colors will leach the chemicals and fade from the gemstones.


Our malas are much more to us than just a product that can be manufactured by a machine. A mala made by us is always handmade following traditional mala-making methods. Every mala bead is strung and as each individual knot is tied locking the mala bead in place while a mantra is recited to bring love and goodwill to the new owner. This takes more time, and we are not able to make them at the same cost of a machine, we know that a Mala of Merit means more the moment you put it on and feel our love and energy that comes with it that no machine made mala can replicate.

Every part of your mala was selected not based on cost but by the impact on the environment and lives of those who helped make it in mind first and foremost. Our mala parts are sourced from multiple locations around the world. With each partner we work with that provides parts of the mala we have done everything within our power to ensure that all parts of your mala came from a reputable manufacturer that meets our high standards of ethics.

Note-With gemstones unfortunately we are not able to trace them back all the way to the mines and verify this….we spent hours trying, and to be honest almost anyone who says they have may be stretching the truth, it’s just not possible as beads will come from separate mines around the world.

Absolutely!!! The moment you partner with us and purchase a Mala of Merit, you begin helping others. We utilize the "Shop for Good" application. It automatically donates a portion from your purchase made on our store directly to the “Shop for Good” app the moment you pay.

We have elected to donate all proceeds to The Tibet Fund which is a 301c Non-Profit. If you would like to learn more about The Tibet Fund, click HERE.

We are a small company and as we grow with your help the donation will assist in providing Tibetan communities with solutions to poverty, hunger, education, cultural preservation, and other basic needs.

Good job, look at you helping others!

Our Perfect Moment Guarantee-

We believe in helping anyone we can, and your mala is something you love and connect with that empowers you to improve with the hopes that you will continue to pay it forward and help those around you improve.

We all have ordered things online, get super excited like a kid at their birthday party, open the box and it’s not even close to what we expected, it looks nothing like what you purchased, doesn’t fit, or was not even close to being anything resembling quality.

Don’t worry if you receive your order and, in that moment, you do not feel the love that went into it, it wasn’t what you expected, just don’t like the energy of it or ANY REASON AT ALL. You have 30 days for a full money back refund no questions asked. Well, we might ask a few to see how else we can help you, but you will NEVER be hassled about a refund and getting your money back we only want to see how else we can help you continue on your journey of improvement.