Using Your Mala

Mary Lee Explains How to Use Your Mala

Using Your Mala

How To Meditate with a Mala

1- Begin with one of the beads next to the guru bead, holding the bead between the thumb and finger, allowing the rest of the beads to drape over the hand while you recite your chosen mantra.

2- Pulling the beads towards your body, move your thumb and finger over to the next bead and recite the mantra again; then repeat the process.

3- When you arrive at one of the marker beads, you may either stop and begin again later; or you can skip over the counter bead and continue around the mala.

4- When you reach the end of your mala (the last bead next to the guru bead), mentally bow to your guru, teacher, or your own higher state of consciousness. You can either stop here or turn the mala over and begin again where you just ended.

*You may wear your mala as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist several times and worn like a bracelet however, wrapping your mala around your wrist may cause the structure of the mala to weaken over time.*

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