Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide the tools and resources needed to peer past the self, increase compassion, self-love, and build a community dedicated to helping others through self-improvement. We understand that self-improvement is the first step in being able to help others. That each moment of this life is a chance to make an improvement, to be present, to let go of the things holding us back, and new opportunities to help each other.

We here at Mala of Merit aim only to be of benefit to others through everything we do. We practice what we preach by living out our mission through action, whether through volunteering, donating to charity, or mentoring those who need help taking the next step forward.

For us, it's not about business, it's about making connections and putting people first.

You’re not just buying a Mala of Merit you’re partnering with us and joining a community dedicated to changing the world one moment at a time through self-improvement.

Our 3 Core Values

Our Team