Conscious Healing Mala

What you get: A custom-designed hand-made 108 bead knotted meditation mala. We embrace ancient traditions and knotting techniques as we craft our high-quality mala beads.

The Mala: We utilize only natural, semi-precious stones and guarantee that our stones are never dyed, heat-treated, or cultured. 

The Merit: A powerful mantra is chanted as each knot is tied and a traditional blessing is infused into each completed mala bestowing compassion & mental clarity for the user.
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Product Description

Revitalize your soul with our ‘Conscious Healing’ Mala

Lapis Lazuli, Sandalwood & Howlite
Affirmation: I believe in myself and my ability to heal my world within me.
Mantra: Tayatha Om Bekadeze Bekadeze Maha Bekadze Radza Samungate Soha


Inspiration for this mala:

This mala was designed by our founder as a representation of her own conscious healing journey and her quest to help others.


When Mary Lee was notified that her canine best friend, Gemma was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she sought refuge with the Medicine Buddha practice. Unfortunately, she was traveling and had forgotten to pack her mala so she visited a local bead shop and decided to craft her own. Before Gemma left her physical body and for 49 days after, Mary Lee recited the mantra of the Medicine Buddha thousands of times for Gemma, praying for her to be free from all suffering and to have a fortunate rebirth so she could find enlightenment and help other sentient beings. 


Despite experiencing such a profound loss, Mary Lee felt inspired to honor her sweet dog Gemma by crafting malas for other people to use during their spiritual practice.


Both Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli have been used during spiritual practices for thousands of years. In Tibetan Buddhism, Lapis represents the Medicine Buddha who is blue in color. The Medicine Buddha practice and mantra can be chanted anytime but is especially beneficial during times of sickness (mental or physical) and after the death of a loved one. Howlite is a unique stone believed to make a direct connection from the root chakra to the crown chakra, keeping you grounded while getting in touch with your spiritual nature.


Each Mala of Merit includes an authentic Bodhi seed hand gathered from trees in the forest of Bodh Gaya, the forest the Buddha attained enlightenment.


    • Lapis Lazuli: Healing, enlightenment, associated with Medicine Buddha & third eye chakra
    • Sandalwood: Healing, tranquility, associated with the sacral chakra.
    • Howlite: Peace, spirituality, patience, associated with the crown chakra.
    • Bodhi Seed Guru Bead: A symbol of enlightenment and higher levels of consciousness.
    • 108 Beads: for mantra recitation; plus 3 marker beads to orient user position on mala
    • Marker Beads: Positioned in traditional Tibetan style
    • Stirling Silver Spacers: coated with rhodium to resist tarnishing.
    • Hand Knotted: for superior strength & beauty
    • Hangs 21” (+ / - 1”)



The Mindful Moments
If you had a personal reminder that reminded you dozens of times per day to identify your emotions and accept them instead of seeing them as an obstacle.
What if it stopped you from getting stuck in negative thought patterns by letting go of the negative feelings?
Would you use it?

Feeling the weight of our all-natural gemstones around the back of your neck or wrist is the perfect reminder to take a moment, be present, and let go of any unwanted feelings.
The traditional use of a mala is for mantra meditation.  When we chant a mantra, the sounds gently guide us into the present moment as we focus on the breath. The sounds have been found to reduce stress and anxiety, bringing moments of calm and ease throughout our hectic lives. 
As the tassel swings and brushes softly against your skin, a simple subtle reminder that we only have the present and that any emotions we feel are a result of not being present. 
Compliments are one of life's simple pleasures and your mala is sure to get them.  It's a perfect moment to begin a conversation to help, express gratitude, or simply lift people up when they may need it most. 
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A Moment of Change

See how our customers are changing lives one moment at a time.

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Our Perfect Promise Guarantee
If you decide for any reason in the first 30 days that you are not in absolute love and gratitude for your mala let us know and we will refund you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Click contact us at the bottom of the page.
Are all of your gemstones real?
Yes! We use only high-quality natural, never dyed semi-precious gemstones in our malas.
Are your malas actually handmade?
Yes! Every single mala is designed and made by hand. Every bead strung and the knots tied are all by hand. We will never take away from the traditional method of mala making by hand.
Where do your products come from?
We only source materials from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices from around the world. All of our malas are designed and by the owner and shipped from the United States.
What if my mala breaks?
We want you to use it every day and our quality will ensure you can.
If you mala breaks within 6 months of delivery from normal use and not abuse we will restring it, or replace it for free.
If your mala breaks after 6 months we offer a restringing fee that is substantially less than buying a new mala.
Do you actually donate to charity?
Absolutely!!! We utilize the "Shop for Good" application. It automatically takes a portion from every single sale made on our store before we even have a chance to recieve it from your payment.
We have elected to donate to The Tibet Fund which is a 301c Non Profit. If you would like to learn more about The Tibet Fund click HERE.
We are a small company and as we grow our total donation amount will grow with each mala sold.
So far our total donation is :

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, a Love it or Return it policy.
You finding value in our malas for self improvement and loving it is more important than any money we will ever make. If you do not love it for any reason you have 30 days to return it. You can view our Return & Refund policy and procedures HERE.

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