Highest-Self Mala

What you get: A custom-designed hand-made 108 bead knotted meditation mala. We embrace ancient traditions and knotting techniques as we craft our high-quality mala beads.

The Mala: We utilize only natural, semi-precious stones and guarantee that our stones are never dyed, heat-treated, or cultured. 

The Merit: A powerful mantra is chanted as each knot is tied and a traditional blessing is infused into each completed mala bestowing compassion & mental clarity for the user.
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“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is your own self.” -Aldous Huxley

Amazonite, Howlite & Black Tourmaline

Affirmation: I embrace all that I am as I move towards my highest potential.

Mantra: Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha


Inspiration for this mala:

Despite what we may believe, our thoughts and experiences do not define us. It is said that anxiety manifests from worrying about the future and depression manifests from focusing on the past. We get in touch with our "highest-self" when we begin to understand our mind's intrinsic nature through completive practices such as mindfulness and meditation. 


    The Beads in This Mala

    Both Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli have been used during spiritual practices for thousands of years. In Tibetan Buddhism, Lapis represents the Medicine Buddha who is blue in color. The Medicine Buddha practice and mantra can be chanted anytime but is especially beneficial during times of sickness (mental or physical) and after the death of a loved one. Howlite is a unique stone believed to make a direct connection from the root chakra to the crown chakra, keeping you grounded while getting in touch with your spiritual nature.



    Truth, Harmony, Courage


    Amazonite is a stone for healing, self-love, and revealing the true nature of consciousness which can help reconnect you with the highest version of yourself.



    Peace, Spirituality, Patience,


    Howlite is a unique stone believed to connect the root chakra directly to the crown chakra, keeping you grounded while you make the connection with your spiritual nature.


    Black Tourmaline 

    Focus, Protection, Recovery


    Black Tourmaline offers protection while making these connections by offering a shield against hectic stimuli, enhancing self-esteem and courage, while inhibiting the ego. It is a powerful grounding stone


    Bodhi Seed Guru Bead

    Enlightenment and a higher level of consciousness

    Each Mala of Merit includes a Bodhi seed gathered from trees in the forest of Bodh Gaya, the very same forest the Buddha attained enlightenment.

    The Features of This Mala
    • 108 6mm Beads
    • Marker Beads
    • Stirling Silver Spacers
    • Hand-Knotted
    • Hangs 21” (+/- 1”)

    We know the energy a mala brings starts with us.

    Your mala is handmade with absolute love, compassion, and intention.

    Charged With Love

    As Each knot is hand-tied, we recite a traditional mantra to ensure that the mala carries love and well-being into your home. You will feel comforted and at peace the moment you receive your mala.

    Filled With Compassion

    Your Mala of Merit purchase not only helps you stay mindful and grounded, it also helps others: 2% of your purchase is donated to the Tibet Fund charity on your behalf.

    Sealed With Intention

    As the last knot is tied securing the tassel, your mala is sealed with a single intention: to help. Whether it's through meditation, reflection, or prayer, your mindfulness tool will remind you to remain grounded and focus your intentions.

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    The Mindful Moments
    If you had a personal reminder that reminded you dozens of times per day to identify your emotions and accept them instead of seeing them as an obstacle.
    What if it stopped you from getting stuck in negative thought patterns by letting go of the negative feelings?
    Would you use it?

    Feeling the weight of our all-natural gemstones around the back of your neck or wrist is the perfect reminder to take a moment, be present, and let go of any unwanted feelings.
    The traditional use of a mala is for mantra meditation.  When we chant a mantra, the sounds gently guide us into the present moment as we focus on the breath. The sounds have been found to reduce stress and anxiety, bringing moments of calm and ease throughout our hectic lives. 
    As the tassel swings and brushes softly against your skin, a simple subtle reminder that we only have the present and that any emotions we feel are a result of not being present. 
    Compliments are one of life's simple pleasures and your mala is sure to get them.  It's a perfect moment to begin a conversation to help, express gratitude, or simply lift people up when they may need it most. 
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    Our Customer's Kind Words

    How our customer's lives are changing one moment at a time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need to know more? Click contact us at the bottom of the page.
    Are all of your gemstones real?
    Yes! Like each of us we will have flaws and never find another like us, your mala is the same…. and that’s a good thing. Our mala beads are natural and will have slight size and color variations from bead to bead, this is normal and adds character to each and every mala.
    We only use ethically sourced high-quality natural, never dyed, or treated semi-precious gemstones in our malas. Many of the less expensive malas you will find are using dyed or treated lower-quality beads in their malas to save on costs and make the gemstones look identical in shape and color. These may look better initially due to consistent bead color but over time the dyes and colors will leach the chemicals and fade from the gemstones.
    Are your malas actually handmade?
    Our malas are much more to us than just a product that can be manufactured by a machine. A mala made by us is always hand made by hand following traditional mala making methods. Every mala bead is strung and as each individual knot is tied locking the mala bead in place while a mantra is recited to bring love and good will to the new owner. This takes more time, and we are not able to make them at the same cost of a machine, we know that a Mala of Merit means more the moment you put it on and feel our love and energy that comes with it that no machine made mala can replicate.
    Where do your products come from?
    Every part of your mala was selected not based on cost but by impact to the environment and lives of those who helped make it in mind first and foremost. Our mala parts are sourced from multiple locations around the world. With each partner we work with that provides parts of the mala we have done everything within our power to ensure that all parts of your mala came from a reputable manufacturer that meets our high standards of ethics.

    Note-With gemstones unfortunately we are not able to trace them back all the way to the mines and verify this….we spent hours trying, and to be honest almost anyone who says they have may be stretching the truth, it’s just not possible as beads will come from separate mines around the world.
    What if my mala breaks?
    *** If your mala breaks within the first 6 months due to normal use we will restring it or replace it for free (just cover the shipping costs)***

    When a mala breaks it represents a broken cycle. Don’t let that scare you it’s a sign of good luck. It is a symbol of growth both personal and spiritual. The intention you set when you received your mala may not even be complete, but it is a sign that you are not in the same place you were when you set the intention. It may be time to bring new energy and intentions in your life with a new mala.

    We also understand that a mala can mean much more than that and we become attached to it. We will offer to restring it if you if would like for an additional charge. We are not able to set a price as each mala breaking is different sometimes beads are missing etc. So, if you have moved forward in life enough that your mala broke, please reach out to us directly at Support@MalaofMerit.com
    Do you actually donate to charity?
    Absolutely!!! The moment you partner with us and purchase a Mala of Merit, you begin helping others. We utilize the "Shop for Good" application. It automatically donates a portion from your purchase made on our store directly to the “Shop for Good” app the moment you pay.
    We have elected to donate all proceedes to The Tibet Fund which is a 301c Non-Profit. If you would like to learn more about The Tibet Fund, click HERE.
    We are a small company and as we grow with your help the donation will assist in providing Tibetan communities with solutions to poverty, hunger, education, cultural preservation, and other basic needs.
    Good job, look at you helping others!
    So far our total donation is :

    Do you have a money back guarantee?
    Our Perfect Moment Guarantee-
    We believe in helping anyone we can, and your mala is something you love and connect with that empowers you to improve with the hopes that you will continue to pay it forward and help those around you improve.
    We all have ordered things online, get super excited like a kid at their birthday party, open the box and it’s not even close to what we expected, it looks nothing like what you purchased, doesn’t fit or was not even close to being anything resembling quality.
    Don’t worry if you receive your order and, in that moment, you do not feel the love that went into it, it wasn’t what you expected, just don’t like the energy of it or ANY REASON AT ALL. You have 30 days for a full money back refund (minus shipping cost) no questions asked. Well, we might ask a few to see how else we can help you, but you will NEVER be hassled about a refund and getting your money back we only want to see how else we can help you continue on your journey of improvement. You can read the full process for a refund request HERE.
    Our Perfect Promise

    If you receive your order and, at that moment, you do not feel the love that went into it, it wasn’t what you expected, just don’t like the energy of it or ANY REASON AT ALL.  You have 30 days for a full money back refund (minus shipping cost) no questions asked. 

    Well, we might ask a few to see how else we can help you, but you will NEVER be hassled about a refund and getting your money back. We only want to know how else we can help you continue on your journey of self-improvement. 

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