Howlite is considered a unique stone in metaphysical beliefs as it is associated with both the crown and root chakras. It is believed to open a portal on the opposite points of the ethereal body which connects the root chakra directly to the crown chakra by connecting the two simultaneously. It is said to keep the wearer grounded while maintaining a spiritual connection to one's higher self.

Highest-Self Mala - Mala of MeritHighest-Self Mala - Mala of Merit
Illumination Mala - Mala of MeritIllumination Mala - Mala of Merit
Transformation Mala - Mala of MeritTransformation Mala - Mala of Merit
Conscious Healing MalaConscious Healing Mala - Mala of Merit
Liberation Mala - Mala of MeritLiberation Mala - Mala of Merit
Unconditional Love Mala - Mala of MeritUnconditional Love Mala - Mala of Merit
Serenity Mala - Mala of MeritSerenity Mala - Mala of Merit

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