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Founded in 2020 by Mary Lee Miller, Mala of Merit was inspired by her lifelong interest in meditation and mindfulness. She was introduced to meditation at an early age, eventually becoming a Buddhist within the Vajryana tradition.

She has been fortunate to receive instruction from highly-respected Dharma teachers within the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Mary Lee established Mala of Merit after finding empowerment from a mala she made for her own practice. Realizing how much she enjoyed the process, Mary Lee felt inspired; however, she wanted to provide more than just meditation beads. She envisioned a Mala of Merit as a means to enrich the lives of others by donating to charitable causes and by sharing knowledge she had gained from her teachers and what she had learned through her own practice.

Helping others is our primary foundation at Mala of Merit. Our malas are designed to be unique and stylish while maintaining our mission to benefit others. Our goal is to provide you with the proper tools to help you deepen your meditative practice. Buddhists and Hindus have used mala beads for thousands of years; yet, there is no requirement to be a member of any faith or hold any specific beliefs to discover the profound benefits of using a mala as a tool for expanding your consciousness.

We pride ourselves on the quality of materials and the construction of our malas, utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. We embrace traditional techniques in the crafting of each mala. Our high-quality malas feature overhand knots, handtied between each bead to strengthen the structural integrity of the mala. These knots prevent the gemstones from rubbing together and create a seamless transition as the user moves from one bead to the next. Our malas blend modern and traditional styles, showcasing the interconnectedness of ancient wisdom as it applies in the modern world. Though we draw inspiration from Buddhist teachings, we also support secular beliefs and modern approaches to meditation & mindfulness.