Malas by Intention
Set your intention to start your self-improvement journey

We know the energy a mala brings starts with us.

Your mala is handmade with absolute love, compassion, and intention.

Charged With Love

As Each knot is hand-tied, we recite a traditional mantra to ensure that the mala carries love and well-being into your home. You will feel comforted and at peace the moment you receive your mala.

Filled With Compassion

Your Mala of Merit purchase not only helps you stay mindful and grounded, it also helps others: 2% of your purchase is donated to the Tibet Fund charity on your behalf.

Sealed With Intention

As the last knot is tied securing the tassel, your mala is sealed with a single intention: to help. Whether it's through meditation, reflection, or prayer, your mindfulness tool will remind you to remain grounded and focus your intentions.